The time … it was my birthday

Ellie the Crunch

I hate my birthday. Not sure when I started to hate it but has been a long time.

This morning I woke up and husband was changing in the closet, I knew there was something going on.

I went downstairs and my older son started singing happy birthday holding a big sign saying “happy birthday mommy we love you” signed older, toddler and husband.

Husband joined dresses in the tuxedo he wore at our wedding. He wanted to take us out for breakfast (to eat bagels) dressed like that plus a top hat.

Kids also got dressed nice.

I didn’t dress any better than usual.

We all went in the car, parked in front of the bagel store and husband came out running, with a open umbrella opened the door and escorted me to the store. It was not raining BTW.

We had breakfast, I had eggs, older bagel and…

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