On Healing and Closure

Don't Lose Hope

“Sometimes closure arrives two years later, on an ordinary Friday afternoon, in a way you never expected, or could have predicted. And you cry a little, and you laugh a little, and for the first time in a long time … you exhale. Because you are free.” – Authentic Soul Care

No-one knows what their healing will be like.

We’ve no map or picture of the route we’re going to take.

We have no idea of just how long we’ll have to travel, or how often we’ll be detoured, or stuck at traffic lights.

And we can’t anticipate all the different obstacles

Or at what points in the journey we may find we’re knocked off course.

For when we take that first step, it is a great unknown.

All we know is we’re committed, and we badly want to heal.

But there comes a day and time when we wake…

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