One Year of Being Honest

Beginner's Guide to Epilepsy

Good morning readers! Hope you are doing well and safe.

What bought me to write this is because I didn’t realise that it has been a year since I wrote this blog on Being Honest. And intrestingly enough it has been perhaps more than a year since I incorporated this lifestyle in my life. Well, it has been a peaceful and relaxing ever since I incorporated honesty in my lifestyle. Below are some interesting things I learnt from it.

1) Honesty lead to an heartful life.

2) Being Honest isn’t about being honest to others but also to myself.

3) Honesty literally made stress go away. We have no idea how much we strain our minds when we lie. The memory which lies makes us believe and question our existence itself. Trust me, honesty is plain and easy to with with unlike lies which people carry with their graves!

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