Chapters & Changes

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

If you know me, you know that I frequently change my mind.
Undeniably annoying as it may be, it was woven into my DNA, at an early age.
Unlike those of my childhood, my recent changes are with intent for the better.

Here we are, then. Welcome to :


A few notes about the title:

My blog title is French. My mom and her bloodline have strong French traits.

The word cultured can mean educated, tasteful, and knowledgeable.

Insight on why I changed the name:

Blog name change is in honor of my Mom.

Secondly, my business does not require a second “site” per se. It’s unnecessary to pay for services I don’t need.

Additionally, I wanted to focus on my niches “coffee, children, community, & communication”.

A new chapter has begun. I’m so grateful for your loyalty and for following along…

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