Who’s Story Are You In?

Beauties With Beasts

I’m sure this is only a brief dance into this topic, but after my experience yesterday I felt it was important to remind us that our stories matter.

Yesterday, it was strongly suggested that I should be working any job and should have never not been working. My health aside.

Just a friendly reminder – brain surgery was August 2021

Regardless, my eyes were opened to a new kind of wide yesterday and this morning I found myself replaying a lot of those words.

And then a moment of clarity.

I worked through two miscarriages. I was actively miscarring and stood at work, smiling at customers. Both work and home expected that of me.

They weren’t babies, I wasn’t pregnant long enough for it to matter, I should just get over it….yeah, yep, uh huh…

At one time, I was eating baby food because my stomach hurt so much –…

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