3 Lies that Keep us Stuck in our Trauma

Don't Lose Hope

“Trauma is the unthinkable. The unbelievable. The unbearable. The unspeakable.”

Trauma is extremely hard to talk about. And this burden is intensified by lies that we believe. These include the lies of shame, of fear, and isolation.

1. The lie of SHAME – This is tied to the belief that there’s something wrong with us. That there’s something very wrong at the core of who we are.

The consequences:

We become convinced that we can’t talk about a trauma.

This lie result in us adopting a Jekyll and Hyde existence where we appear to be ‘one way’ in front of the world … whilst carrying a painful secret inside. A secret we feel we have to hide from the world.

Because no-one can ever know the painful truth, we work hard on maintaining our public façade, and we live with the dread of being “discovered”.

We are absolutely terrified…

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