at least i have a brain

Fear is overwhelming.


Even though I know it is an incoming injustice I am so unable to prevent this terror.


A toxic arrow… no expectation can prepare for it, nor any shield protect from it.

Untruths and mishandling… wrong done becomes managed and spins…spins to an unrecognisable rewriting of a factual history.

Annihilation is a form of “defence” in organisations of size.

Despicable tactic,

but a nightmare…

to have no choice but let it happen…

to wait breath by breath until it stops … until it starts …. until it is there …until it is over…. until you feel only the pain it has caused you.

suspended in terror.

there is no avoidance.

Abuse comes in many forms but this is one of the most disgusting…

This viscious circleis so cruel….

the learning from this is not positive…I do not cope better each time…I die more every time…

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