Is There A Playbook For This?

Beauties With Beasts

After physical therapy today, I wondered if I overshared.

My tiredness and overdoing it from the weekend weakened my guard and my mouth just freely moved, my brain without a barrier.

They hadn’t realized my surgery was so recent, but the way they said it and the continued conversation, there was an understanding my surgery was ONLY eight months ago.

I said something to the fact that there had been a realization recently for me that there are two very different groups in my life right now (if you can count one 🤭).

One group sees that it has only been eight months and it was brain surgery.

The other group didn’t think my issues were issues and brain surgery wasn’t a big deal and I should have been up and normal after a month (actions speak louder than words).

I thanked them for recognizing that it had been so…

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