A Week’s Goals

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

Do you write your goals down? Do you make weekly goals at all? Honestly, I didn’t put too much thought into doing it. I’m not sure why. I can list several benefits to having a set of goals ready for the week.

  • Check off boxes.. the joy of a simple checkmark ✔️ is ridiculous.. LOL 😂 but it’s true! Who else will admit they enjoy this amazing sense of satisfaction?
  • Results.. goals + action = results. This will allow you to reflect and alter parts of yourself. Consider this your study guide.
  • Self Confidence.. you’ll see yourself accomplishing task after task. You’ll kick ass with knocking down the walls and earning the wins. Additionally, you’ll feel proud as you see what you’ve accomplished. The follow week’s goals might even challenge you a bit more.
  • Productivity/Organization.. Breaking down something into smaller parts makes the objective more realistic. Written goals will be…

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