Go Wild & Free In Eating Disorder Recover-ee!


How many times have I written posts about how tough eating disorder recovery is?

The answer to that is many, many times and you can find them in the hundreds of posts that are now on this website. Posts about the fact that eating disorder recovery is exhausting, emotional, draining, terrifying and very definitely all consuming of your whole entire life.

But perhaps I have not always written enough about how, sometimes, even on, or perhaps especially on the hardest recovery days, you have to pull on the f**k it mindset in recovery and find your wild and free side!

Now, I can write this because I know it first hand and because I was that person for so many years, but eating disorders make a person rigid, uptight, unemotional, driven, perfectionistic and I am sorry, I am going to say it, just a bit boring.


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