What Steers Our Journey?

Beauties With Beasts

We blame ourselves. Probably more times than we really ever remember or care to admit.

We could probably list all the bad things that’s happened to us. Shitty stuff happens.

And sometimes we need to talk about those crappy situations. Though it doesnt need to rule your life either, but, if you leave it inside, it will fester. It will burrow a hole in you. That burrowing will mess you up inside and out.

And others will have to deal with you only to harm yourself more by vibrating on a frequency that pulls in that kind of vibe.

Read that again.

I know a family.

The grandparents had many kids who had many kids.

The family is full of broken marriages and broken people. Some are successful at holding jobs. Others use the system like a pez dispenser to avoid substantial work. A few use illegal drugs hourly, others…

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