ironic “words” used in health terms.

at least i have a brain

I wish to highlight that this is not specific to me or my care. I wish to thank the doctors who always treat me kindly as a person and appropriately as a patient. I am grateful for their understanding of me, I respect their integrity, and the genuine caringthat they affordme on every contact.

I have had the best of care.

I have had the worst of care

In the world of health there are certain terms used which on reading these I find hold huge irony:

  • the “care” system…
  • within health “trusts”.
  • and many words which on examination seem so much at odds with each other in some cases.






patient centred


Complaint – one can sadly for some, necessitate the other.




Duty of care

Don’t care!

obstruct care


admission to hospital

Admission of mistakes to…

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