Attachments + Love + Money

Beauties With Beasts

They say we should love ourselves above all else. That we should be able to live a life unattached.

Well, I haven’t quite figured that out, yet.

My whole life has been about attachments.

My world has often been consumed by others, and I guess that’s where my problems started.

My life has never really been my own. My interests often mirrored others. I’m sure at one time I liked the same things as other people. I mean, I did like those things, but then my own things kind of welted away.

I don’t know, maybe because others didn’t really like what I liked or because it wasn’t as important to like my stuff.

Or because I was made fun and taunted about my little world.

I’m still working through that bucket of poo from the past.

Regardless, I realized I often did these things because is was required to…

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