The time … our kitchen sink broke

Ellie the Crunch

Honestly I write on this blog because I have no other way to vent.

On Friday our kitchen sink got clogged.

It wasn’t a simple “clog” it was totally backed up.

Husband was still home, I mentioned it to him but he decided to ignore it and left.

The shabbat was going to start and I knew I was going to have no kitchen sink at least till Monday.

I never realized how much we take stuff for granted. A kitchen sink is a luxury and you won’t realize that till you won’t have one for days.

I couldn’t cook nor clean my kitchen without a functioning sink. My closer functioning faucet was the half bathroom in the foyer, not too close to the kitchen.

I am not a quitter so first of all I tried to look for a plumber. Found one who came and estimated a work for…

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