Epilepsy, Anxiety and Depression 

Epilepsy Talk

One study stated that 80% of the patients with epilepsy were also diagnosed as having a depressive disorder.

Upwards of 60% of these individuals had a history of significant episodes of depression.

And 10-32% experience symptoms of anxiety.

Not too reassuring, is it?

And for those whose epilepsy cannot be controlled by meds, the likelihood of depression and anxiety are even greater.

In fact, many of the medications used to treat seizure disorders can trigger depression.

Dilantin, Phenobarbatol, Celontonand Tegretol are all notorious for this side effect.

Trigger management

Careful monitoring of your seizures can help you figure out possible triggers, how they affect your behavior, and what happens after an episode.

With time, you can target your plans to lessen or prevent triggers and figure out what the culprits are: lack of sleep, foods, stress, work, social situations, isolation, or some simple thing in your everyday life.

Here are…

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