Life Saver

Hey Momma

Image: Cirque du Soleil Oh n”O”! Don’t worry, with your bestie by your side, you can conquer anything!

Therapist: Have you ever worried tha..
Pisces: Yes 

OCEANS OF EMOTION  She didn’t know, if she was coming or going, but she’d always had that intuitive knowing. Imagining all possible scenarios in her head, it always appeared, that she was being led. One minute up, the next minute down, sometimes a smile, sometimes a frown. Her Piscean tails were my guiding light, steering me safely, through darkest nights. Never letting anyone burst our bubbles, if they did, they’d be in all kinds of troubles. Our fragile mermaid, beached on dry land, if you were a spectator, you’d understand. She heard the entrancing, mysterious calls, across divine waves, as they’d rise and fall. Pushing and pulling her, from left to right, over squalling, foam seas, of waters in life. Journeying on, through time…

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