Reflections of every new experience and the correlation with the belief system are congruent with the mysterious odds of several happenings.

A mind full of illusions

When was the first time you started yelling over the most filthy things? The moment you started entertaining unwanted chants in your mind, you were trapped. The thoughts in which one gets trapped create reflections that are not always accompanied by same emotions.

The most famous and familiar thing among people is the belief system. The belief system is very profound when someone gets mastery of what they believe and finds it good to share with other people. The very first day that any random thought becomes popular, it murders all the other pre-existing beliefs that are not so popular but truly exist in their domain.That random thought contains so much fire that it illuminates everyone differently. So what actually happens when a thought spreads?Some people try to enlighten their minds by absorbing the energy of it, while other people annoyingly enjoy it and get trapped in unwanted tides of…

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