What It Is & Isn’t

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

I might lose followers after this; but, I stand by my convictions. This world has gone straight “immediate satisfaction/ temporary pleasure” mode.

It’s unfortunate that work and loyalty are outside the normal. Investing effort into a person is a choice. Spending time and operating with the best of intentions build trust.. when did that become irrelevant?

It’s disheartening we humans grow and have no concept of real love. It’s further frustrating that love is something that has to begin within ourselves; but so many people expect it from someone else.

Please understand, once you accept yourself with all your strengths and mistakes, flaws and wins.. You’ll feel no need to seek love from someone else.. You won’t feel a need to be accepted by anyone else. You’ll welcome it should/when it comes to you, but your life will not hang by their dangling thread.

This is your life.. your one…

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