Top-Rated Seizure Monitors

Epilepsy Talk

Peace of mind. A good night’s sleep. Safety and assurance.

Although these seizure monitors can’t make any guarantees, they can go a long way towards detecting danger. And maybe even saving a life.

Here are the most prominent models:

Medpage Epileptic Nocturnal Convulsive Seizure Monitors

The Medpagerange of seizure monitors are designed to detect Tonic-Clonic seizures, which they do very successfully with the majority of patients. Partial or absence seizures would not be detected where only facial or occasional limb twitching occurs. It is not recommended to attempt to use a monitor to detect those seizure types.

A sensor is placed between the bed base and the mattress. When a seizure begins, the muscular convulsions are detected by the bed sensor(s). All models feature an adjustable delay control, used to allow a certain amount of movement before an alarm is generated. The bed sensor sensitivity level can be adjusted to…

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