Hey Momma

Image: JaneLeeLogan

Most problems could be solved with a swim up pina colada bar, while waiting for the tides to turn 

 Mer-Mazing Her cocktails are the colour of the sky and ocean, vodka, rum, pineapple and blue curaçao potion. She honours the moon and controls the tides, trading the beach for the pool noodle, she rides. Nautical warrior and protectress of sea creatures, shell yeah, she’s a worshiper of all aqua features. She’s swimmingly shore of her mer-amazing self, coral reef dreams, are where her starfish dwell. Her mysterious allures can’t be entirely re-defined, Whatever! … she owns her body, power and mind. Fishing in places where land lovers flirt and drink, sexual prowess, beauty and salt of sea, she brings. Beware, city dwellers of lustful desires and heart, If you dive in for a mer-maze, be true from the start. You could find she’s a little slippery, if you’re…

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