Life in the Rose Lane

Seizure Mama and Rose

I was forced out into the world yesterday. Rose is home on spring break.

Before I even left the house, my wallet was emptied for a cut and color.

Rose came home looking like a million bucks for my money. (I have not had a hair cut in two years.)

Our first stop was supposed to be at an ATM to replenish my wallet. I discovered my bank of forty years had closed yet another branch, so I had to Google where to find my money.

Next, I sat in the car for over an hour during her doctor’s appointment. I scrounged for reading material in the pockets behind the seats. This is not my first stay in the car “Rose Rodeo.” I have stashes of supplies.

To my dismay, I discovered steno pad that was used to document the days that fate started killing my in-laws this very week…

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