The One About My Loathing Of The Change Of Seasons (Including Summer)

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A lot of people would categorise themselves as sufferers of S.A.D. For the uninitiated S.A.D. stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, and is described by the NHS website as a type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern. What is commonly assumed is that S.A.D. is only around when we are entering the autumn/fall and winter seasons. In fact it is commonly known as ‘winter depression’.

Now, granted, most people only associate these darker months with their S.A.D. and it is certainly more common in those months. however, there are some of us (including me) who experience the symptoms of S.A.D. at any and all of the seasonal changes.

I didn’t even notice/realise it until recently. Here are some of the tell-tale symptoms for reference:

Feeling lethargic and sleepy during the day beyond what is normal for you.

Persistent low mood.


Sleeping for longer than is usual…

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