A random thought of this morning uncovers the parallelism in the different truths I’d believed different in past.

A mind full of illusions

The truth of living is in the essence of living. Is the day living me, or am I living the day?The situation is actually complicated. The ability to see past events and place too much hope in the future prevents you from enjoying the fruits of the present.

There is something inside you that is telling you to love everything, enjoy every moment and pursue your deepest desire, which you have never done. The question I woke up with this morning is: why can’t I enjoy myself? Why do I need people around me to care for myself? Everything you are watching around you will surely die with time.

For some people, the world is not a happy place. For some, it is heaven. Ask yourself, “Is there anyone listening to what you think about them?” Most people will deny the actual truth, but the truth is that things are…

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