What I Wish I Knew as a Parent of a Child with an Eating Disorder

Cara's Corner

For Eating Disorders Awareness Week this year I wanted to gather some experiences of parents.

A lot of parents reach out to me asking for advice and support and whilst I try my best, I can never truly know how it feels to have a child with an eating disorder. So I thought it might be helpful to collate some things parents want others to know about caring for a young person with an eating disorder, and these are some of the responses I had.

  • Having an eating disorder is nobody’s fault, not the carer/parent or the sufferer.

  • You have to separate the evil that is eating disorder from your child.

  • You cannot bargain with an eating disorder, stay consistent and strong, even if it takes hours to get a glass of milk drunk.

  • In the early stage of our AN journey, I spent literally hours talking about my…

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