The Truth about Deception

Don't Lose Hope

“Trust takes years to build. Seconds to break. And forever to repair.”

Below are some facts on deception and truth which help us to see why betrayal and lies are so destructive to relationships.

1. Trust is at the heart of our relationships, and especially our intimate relationships. We need to know this person can be taken at their word, and that their word is consistent with reality. Otherwise, it’s impossible to go into the world, and to feel we can relax – because we’re safe, and we’re protected.

2. So trust is fundamental … but its fragile, too. Hence, when secrets and lies have jeopardized that trust it is very, very hard to rebuild it again. It will likely always be precarious. And it’s likely you’ll also always be somewhat on your guard.

Your one lie drags all your truth under suspicion.

3. Trust is something we…

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