If You’re Happy And You Know It You’re….. Ill?

Abominable Bell Blog

I want to talk about something that doesn’t seem to be covered in many places. They may be out there, and I have missed them, but they have proved elusive to me.

As someone with a lot of mental health issues it would be easy to believe that I spend my whole life miserable or at least melancholic. While this is the case for some of my time, I mainly feel somewhat numb. Emotionless even. I can still socialise with people close to me, I can laugh and make jokes and even (ahem) enjoy myself.

The above is probably common knowledge but what I want to talk about is those times when I feel ELATION. I don’t mean happy, I mean ecstatic. I don’t mean I feel love, I feel like my heart is bursting. I don’t mean I find it funny, I mean I find it hysterical.

This happens…

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