The time I was asked to get married …

Ellie the Crunch

No, not by my husband.

Before I met my husband I used to have a best friend/kissing friend. He was so nice to me and we weren’t officially a couple but we would kiss passionately when we met (nothing else as I was a virgin till i got married)… I know, strange but it worked for us.

If I started seeing someone I would let him know he couldn’t kiss me.

Anyway, he really liked me.

We were so close that I used to get invited to sleep at his parents house, I would sleep in his room and he would sleep elsewhere.

I remember that night, we were lying in his bed joking around, he took a picture of us and looked at me and said :”I really like you” but he meant he loved me but he knew it wasn’t reciprocated so he said like instead but the…

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