The emotions evoked by different things are inexplicable.Do I need to worry about them?

A mind full of illusions

The emotions attached to all the random happenings never remain constant, so why did I treat them as real for such a long time? The pictures of emotions are very traumatic for some people, and for others, they turn into beautiful memories.

But what about its original existence? Does it have some kind of beginning? What if I treat them for real? What if I looked for some patterns in different pictures of emotions? Will it give me something inconspicuous?

The idea of watching something without any feelings is very interesting as it will not hit you hard and you can easily cross over the thoughts attached to it. Could I find my peace after doing this? Perhaps, This question brings anxiety to me for a moment, but I’ll try it out for sure. I am not obsessed with peace, but why do I bother for the things that I…

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