Wander Land

Hey Momma

Image: Steve Thomas Jones

Wander Land Picturing the majestic forests of trees, all stress was gone and heart put at ease. Wandering down a path of fond memories, as a daughter of Welsh descendants. How could one possibly, simply express, those delightful feelings of happiness. Peaking mountains of the green and wild, all city life deleted with nature reconciled. Precious trips with Mom to visit my Celtic family, childhood days, made me lighthearted, happy. The lands of poet; Dylan Thomas and Tom Jones, and of the glorious golden daffodils back home. The corner shops, the warmth of hospitality, seas of blue bells, amidst olde oaks in valley. Chopping seas, the cool winding streams, in reminiscing; this is what Wales means to me. Visualising myself amongst these lovely things, to remember what this memorial day brings. A reminder of my angelic Mom, now today, and that it should have been her…

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