10 Tips To Help Rewire Your Brain In Eating Disorder Recovery


In earlier posts, I have written about what neuroplasticity is (the ability of the brain to rewire and change) and why it is important for eating disorder recovery. Therefore, if you want to know more about neuroplasticity generally, have a read of my last post on the topic (here). In this post, I want to cover 10 tips that can really help to aid the rewiring process in your eating disorder recovery… 10 things that will make your brain more likely to adapt and change.

1. Positivity

I have written an entire separate post about how and why using positivity in recovery (even when you are not feeling particularly positive) is so important because it helps the brain create stronger neural connections (between your brain cells), if it perceives the new behaviours to feel good. Find the positivity wherever you can in recovery so your brain really understands…

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