a Culture of Perfection

Hey Momma

Image: Pin Interest

A CULTURE OF PERFECTION Shrouded in cocoon of dark shadows cave, harvesting rich blessings as Divine, so gave. This beauty of rare treasure, within its being, created from time, pressure and in its seeking. The injury, the wound, the Oyster produced, in its ‘mirroring’ there will be nothing to lose. ‘Resentment’ now lives long in the past; as ‘Discomfort’ knows ‘Anger’ won’t last. ‘Bitterness’ blows a stream of air between her lips, with gritted teeth, ‘Frustration’ says ‘We’ll fix this’ ‘Judgement’ had drummed her fingers on the table, as ‘Passion’ and ‘Boundaries’ gates were enabled. Born of the ‘Tear’ from the wound of the Oyster, a rare translucent pearl, secured, in its cloister. The value in knowing this gem, like a reflection; a rare wisdom, a timely ‘culture' of perfection. However, a Pearl is never found lying on the beach, you will have to dive deep into…

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