Heaven Scent

Hey Momma


Heaven Scent

It had been a dreadful choice,

but she’d had no voice.

We facing our ultimate test,

to give our darling furry baby rest.

That pleading look in her eyes;

we couldn’t ignore or deny.

She was so tired and weary,

we were despairing and teary.

That dreaded day had come,

this most painful deed was done.

We broken hearted; then next morning,

behold, a scented message came pouring.

as if to say;

‘Don’t fret, mom, I haven’t gone away’

That floral, honey, sweet aroma,

our spirits, were uplifted, sobered.

The fragrance of Jasmine, sensual, exotic,

we have never forgotten it.

Now, each year on the anniversary of Roxy’s passing,

that Jasmine tree blooms, as if ‘ever lasting’

Today, as, I now smell this scent,

I remember that it is, Heavenly sent.

Victoria Healing ~ 16.2.2022



Our hearts were broken on this day, February 16, a…

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