Am I running towards to declare counterfeit things true ? Don’t know.

A mind full of illusions

Why not put your vibes on low for some days? When things are not happening according to plan, it’s best not to think much about it. Is this a motivator? It could be for you, but I am not here to motivate you guys.

Motivation only sucks when it comes from outside. The only thing that keeps changing is my thoughts. Indeed, it will be as the mind is programmed to create reflections of words into images.Themind wants to control things according to the programmed realities. A part of today will not be the same in the future, so why am I worried about them? But what about this reality? They are only hypothetical.

What am I doing here? When I know nothing about things happening to me, everything is random or follows some pattern that I am not able to figure out.

All these happenings are random for me now…

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