Why People Call You What They Call You

Dopamine Writes 🖊️🖊️

Funny title isn’t it???

You’d say, they call me what they call me because they want to call me that. No, you’re mistaken. They call you what they call you because you make them call you what they call you.

Read that sentence again!!!

We most often than not, deliberately or unknowingly put people into different categories in our minds. Sometimes we voice it out making them know where we’ve placed them.

This is not horrible as it may sound though. But, eventually happens regardless. Call in this sense is not usually verbal but rather mind sectional.

Happy and Joyful Personality

Everyone exhibits different qualities and attributes that make us individuals. Our character is a total of prolonged past and present actions put together.

A person can be called or seen as (i.e perceived in the mind) a bad person, not because he/she doesn’t have good qualities. It is because…

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