To All the Brave and Courageous Ones ….

Don't Lose Hope

“What a beautiful thing it is to be able to stand tall and say, ‘I fell apart, but I survived.’”

To all the survivors out there … this is for you!

You’ve hung in there in the darkest of days.

You’ve kept on putting one unsteady foot in front of the other.

You’ve kept on doing the next thing … and the next thing … and the next thing.

You’ve kept on doing it when it felt like it was impossible to go on. When you felt so alone, and desolate inside. When you felt as if you wanted to die.

But you didn’t give up, and you didn’t give in.

You kept on going – despite it all.

Because you are courageous.

Because you are brave.

Because you are a fighter.

Because you’re a survivor.

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