You Don’t Have to Bloom Where You’re Planted

Don't Lose Hope

Like a flower in the desert
I had to grow in the cruelest weather,
holding on to every drop of rain
just to stay alive.
But it’s not enough to survive,
I want to bloom beneath the blazing sun,
and show you all of the colors
that live inside of me.
I want you to see what I can become
.” – Christy Anne Martine

Sometimes you have be your own hero.

Sometimes you have to be the one who makes the change.

Sometimes you have to be the one who says: “Enough!”

Who stands up for themselves

And says: “I can’t go on like this.”

And when you find that inner courage, and commit to changing things – a choice that’s never easy and may cost you everything –

You find that you grow stronger, and you’re more resilient.

You find that it was worth it

For you…

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