Medication Reminders You Won’t Forget… 

Epilepsy Talk

When I was on vacation, I was so relaxed thatI kept on forgetting to take my meds.More than once. So when I got home (when I was less relaxed), I looked into some things that might help.

Because, let’s face it.We all forget to take our meds.One time or another. No matter what we have to take or when we have to take them. No matter how hard we try.

Since I have to take several pills at different times a day, I put them in places where I’d have to fall over them to forget. I wish I could say it’s fool-proof, but I’d be lying.

So here are some possible solutions…

Set reminders on your smart phone. An alarm. Or a pillbox you can program with different time alarms. There are even prescription bottle devices that use light and sound to signal when it’s…

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