Same Brain, Different Thinking

Dopamine Writes 🖊️🖊️

Have you ever wondered why, our brains are chemically, and structurally alike yet we think differently??

Just stick around and you’ll find out…

Been thinking about this for a while. In fact, I actually got this title like week ago but hadn’t jotted a thing on it yet. Cause I was still thinking, or maybe I was scared to write something without critique.

Same Brain Different Thinking

Looking at our Brains structurally it’s the same. A variation would be like a cheat to one and a fault to another. That being said, it’s the same but we think less alike.

It’s said that it’s easier to find a need in a pack of needles than to find a brain thinkably alike. Weird huh? There must be a reason for such an intriguing fact.

Before inception actually, our thought value has already begun to take shape. From 2nd trimester of pregnancy…

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