The Movie ’96 and Emotional Affairs.

Beginner's Guide to Epilepsy

It all started with this question,

‘Guys just out of curiosity what do boyfriends and girlfriends do? What do they really have to offer to each other besides their bodies? Some people get into relationships believing nothing will do them apart, only later tested by time. Many are rather emotionally attached and socially conditioned to get into relationships for the sake of it. I know it’s out of my control but it was bothering me for a long time. Would like to know you thoughts on it?’

Many tried to answer the question. Ok, only two responded. First one didn’t have a clue. Second one heard me out and tried to understand my point of view, to which I replied with,
Well I think it’s gotta be support, mutual care and respect. Sometimes truth about life and each others faults for sure. It should rather be growing together instead…

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