The Big Question Mark??

Dopamine Writes 🖊️🖊️

There’s always a big question were asking ourselves. Everytime, every day at different moments. It pops up in our heads.

Deep Thinking

Most often than not, it starts with the adverb “Why” and then proceeds to “How”. You keep asking yourself the reason things are the way they are. There’s a constant pondering of the selective reasons your mind is reflecting back to you.

Then the way forward creeps in eventually. “How” can things be done to create an effective change to sooth my Mental intricacy, my persona and all that concerns me.

Moments later “When” raises it’s ugly head out of the blues. Your waiting earnestly for the positive effect of the change brought about by your “How”. “When shall this be??” Just like Mary asked the angel in Matthew after a great Prophecy was delivered to her. One greater then her Minds consciousness.

As our personalities differ so…

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