Epilepsy and Romance — Getting Personal

Epilepsy Talk

Romance is so many different things to different people.

But to me, intimacy requires acceptance, faith and loyalty.

The question is; how do you get there?

Especially when you have epilepsy?

Well for me, it was a very rocky road.

Especially when it came to telling a guy I liked or was becoming involved with.

I was hesitant to tell him my “dirty little secret” because I was afraid he’d head for the hills.

But since I couldn’t control when a seizure struck, he’d often find out sooner rather than later and head for the hills anyway.

So the question became: Do I tell this person that I have epilepsy? When should I tell him? How much should I tell?

Common knowledge says, you shouldn’t disclose “your condition” until you’ve “broken the ice.”

Well, I almost broke my head on a first date — instead of the “ice” — and…

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