2021: Review of the year

Well Done Kerrie! My Story is getting there rather slowly but it will be ready sometime. (God knows when).😂

Kerrie McKinnel

“Somewhere between the continuing COVID dramas […] my writing hasn’t really happened.”

I wrote this on my Facebook page in January 2021. Depressingly, I could have written exactly the same thing in January 2022. Between lockdowns, school closures and self-isolations, plus all of the other dramas and illnesses involved in normal family life (which included chickenpox for us in 2021), the last twelve months haven’t been fantastic for creativity levels.

But how about if we think less about the bad bits, and focus on what we have manage to achieve?

Perhaps the nicest email which I received in 2021 read: “Thank you for making me into a published writer.” This came from someone who I have known for several years, and who trusted me to read and provide feedback on her writing. It was lovely that she would take the time to get in touch and send me such a…

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