Some Tips for Coping with Flashbacks

Don't Lose Hope

It takes a great effort to free yourself from memory.”

Flashbacks are a bit like waking nightmares. They are powerful, terrifying, repeated episodes where the person re-lives a traumatic incident. They occur suddenly, and feel uncontrollable. And the responses they evoke are so vivid and real that it feels like the experience is happening again – even though it is over, and fixed in the past.

Below are some suggestions that can help you cope with flashbacks:

1. Tell yourself you are having a flashback … when you start to experience the distressing symptoms. That is, give a name to what is happening in your body and your mind. This, in itself, can give a sense of control when you feel you’re at the mercy of extreme and powerful feelings.

2. Remind yourself again that the worst is over. You now know the truth. Everything is in…

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