What is a parent Carer

What is a parent carer? It’s staying at home with our feet up all day, While others work our wages they pay. Its getting the offers, the discounts and deals, All to help with our child’s extra needs. It’s the DLA we get for no reason, It’s jumping the queues while others stand freezing. It sounds so easy if these perceptions were true! Here’s a few truths I’ll share with you…It’s the bruises we hide from the meltdown last night From holding them until they had no more fight Its the regimented life that we now live For a family meal out what we wouldn’t give It’s the sleep we don’t get and the nights out we miss It’s the explanation to others about all of this It’s the fights that we face in every single way to get their needs met at the end of the day Its the story you tell for the hundredth time to various people, you want to cry It’s the tears we hide because we’re scared we’re not coping It’s the smiles we paint on there’s no use in moping It’s the appointments to remember with doctors and dentist to be honest I’m not sure how we’re not all demented. It’s the progress reviews we sit through at school hearing their struggles it all seems so cruel Its the stares in the playground, the parties they don’t get asked to. It’s explaining to them why on the 10th time they’ve asked you. It’s buying exactly the same pair of shoes in a different size. It’s fighting the system that’s already broke But carrying on with hope against hope Its apologising first for what is to come the courage to go out when you’d rather stay home It’s educating teacher family and friend about the conditions and that they won’t mend It’s the guilt that we feel that we’re not always enough. It’s the schools changing routines that make our day and impacts our child in every way It’s wanting to work but not having the time it’s the desperation to have something that’s solely mine. It’s giving up the job that you dearly love. It’s the not giving up when the going gets tough Its a appreciating the smooth and riding the rough It’s the smiles that they give you and the light in their eyes It’s the ‘ I love people that take us by surprise It’s the others you meet in this new way of life that gets you through the troubles and strife It’s the strength you didn’t know you possessed it’s the times you went on even when you were stressed Its the love that you have for your child who is special that gets us through these tasks but some understanding and empathy from others is not too much to ask! Picture of me and my type 1 diabetic toddler.


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