Stop the FDA from regulating supplements and nutrients

Epilepsy Talk

The Dietary Supplement Labeling Act pretends to be consumer-oriented, but instead will give the FDA redundant power that it could easily misuse, restricting your access to nutritional supplements and raising the cost of buying them.

In short, nutritional supplements will be regulated like prescription drugs…

Supplements such as probiotics, fish oil, krill oil, vitamins, sulfur and other natural, commonly consumed supplements that people know cure or strongly support cures from everything from high blood pressure to cancer, will now have to pass extensive clinical trials to be sold in the US.

Under this bill, the FDA and the Institute of Medicine must compile a list of dietary ingredients that could lead to adverse events or are otherwise deemed risky in some way. Creating a list of “bad” ingredients or “bad” doses completely based on arbitrary or non-existent standards…

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