My Best Friend

A friend of mine on Facebook came across this poem on the Epilepsy Society group page.

I have a best friend She lives in my brain

She takes me away again and again

She makes my head foggy And makes me confused

We always argue and I always loose

She turns out the lights And makes it all dark

She takes all my memories and my spark

She hurts me a lot She can make me bleed

When she’s with me I don’t know where life will lead

She takes away my breath And tries to stop my heart

From my life she tries to make me part

It makes me sad That she lives in my head

She won’t even stop when I’m asleep in bed

Sometimes she’s loud Others she’s quiet

But not for to long as she rules my empire

She has broken bones She has broken skin

Our life long fight and I never win

She makes me nervous When we go out in public

I wish she wouldn’t I wish she would stop it

She is badly behaved And out out of control

Sometimes my own personal Facebook troll

She makes me sick Makes me poorly

She pushes away those who adore me

She likes us alone Just her and I

We’ve been together since I was Nine

I’ve tried to contain her With medication and such

But she brakes out of her cage and makes me feel rough

She hates flashing lights And hates exercise

From a lot of things she makes me hide

She hates my emotions And she hates a pub drink

But that last one isn’t such a bad thing She won’t let me drive

She won’t let me dance

And if I disobey her she will put me in a trance

She makes my world cloudy

There is no middle ground

There is never an up side there is only a down

Like a never ending spiral That goes around and round

I feel like I’m lost never to be found

To talk to someone about epilepsy, our helpline team offer information and emotional support to anyone affected by the condition. You can call them on 01494 601 400, Monday – Friday 9-4pm and Wednesday 9-7.30pm. or contact or call

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