Hospital Bill Relief…

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One of the best-kept secrets in the healthcare industry is that there are financial and charitable aid programs available to lighten the staggering financial and emotional burden caused by medical expenses.

Believe it or not, that financial aid department can become your best friend. They have the power to make your bills more manageable…consolidate them…discount them…and work out a payment plan at reduced cost.

But first, you have to ask…

Lowering your hospital bill

Ask for an itemized medical bill. Often mistakes are made which can erase thousands of dollars from your bill. (Many hospitals don’t audit their bills before they send them or unless a patient inquires.) So, before you begin to talk, make sure you know the exact (and correct) amount of what you owe.

Then, see if there’s a financial counselor at the hospital. Once you knowthe actual figures — daunting as they are – you can…

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