The time … husband tried to sabotage my hard work.

Ellie the Crunch

As you may or may not know my older son (9) has always had difficulties in school.

In kindergarten we switched him school from private to public hoping for some support and the fact that they had to deal with him and couldn’t kick him out.

We tried to get an IEP but knowing nothing about it we were easily rejected.

From kindergarten to second grade he floated by, he was better in some subjects than others but if he didn’t like a subject he would avoid it refusing to do it.

Mid 2nd grade the pandemic hit and he was on Zoom.

He was on Zoom all 3rd grade by my choice because we had just moved and I wanted him to stay in the school he knew the teachers and the kids but unfortunately it ended up in a disaster.

The school started threatening me that they would…

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