Well Come Change

Hey Momma

Image: Shiori Matsumoto (1973, Japanese)

Me: Shuffling Tarot cards

*Twenty cards fallout*


She hadn’t let Faith play outside,
although, that girl moaned and whined.
Globs of Hope, spilled over the edge,
a dream potential, a destiny meant. 

Gripping Faith’s hands real tight,
stepping forwards, on wheels of life.
Destiny said ‘Let’s get one thing straight;
change is as constant, as is a new date’ 

Razing the old, to raise the new,
from higher ground, a perfect view.
Faith then turned, to blow her a kiss,
Hope knew, that this is, what it is. 

Some people say luck, others fate,
you know friends, it’s never too late. 
Spin the wheel, to place your bets,
when change comes, have no regrets. 

As this, your brand new cycle begins;
into fortune’s circle, you’re invited in. 
Victoria Healing ~ 29.9.2021
Well Come Change 

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