I deserve to be happy!

Change is hard, but it’s worth it

Pause and take some slow, deep breaths!

It’s okay to ask for help!

This storm will pass!

Tolerate uncertainty!

Making a mistake doesn’t mean I am a failure. Everyone makes mistakes!
The only way out is through. Face it and work through it in order to gain control over it!

Though days don’t erase the progress I’ve made!

What am I worry about? How likely is this to occur? Evaluate the evidence!
It may not seem like it now, but this feeling will eventually pass, it will not last forever!

Stop focusing on the past! I can shift my attention to the present by practicing a mindful activity!

I will try to observe my thoughts without judgement!

Use a healthy coping strategy:Go for a walkWrite in a journalSpend time coloringMeditateListen to music
Resist the urge to isolate, reach…

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